COSMIC JOURNEYS Mind Out-of-BodyExplorations With…

    And more excerpts from Cosmic Journeys


So, if you feel that you don’t know everything, travel with me to the knowing level and learn about what you already know…. “

    “ ..I felt as if I was going to a dream state. A lot was going through my mind. Then on of a sudden I saw a face of a man very clearly-with the beam coming from the center of his forehead toward me. I think it’s mean that it’s time to receive the thoughts.

    I see what comes next. I’m getting a picture of everything that’s going to be discussed. It’s coming into my mind. I must say I’m getting because the voice I’m hearing build up energy as I talk. It helps the energy flow of the vibration that are sent.

    They say that the vibrations are sent in form of energy, and I pick up these energy form as they enter into my own mental system. Then the form transposed into my own level of communication and thought. It’s at this point that the communication can be misconstrued as it come into the earth level…….

    We spoke before of the energy systems within the human body: physical, etheric-substance, emotional, mental and spiritual. There are many dimensions of these five systems. Within each system are many levels and dimensions. It’s difficult to describe these in earth terms. .




I’m starting float out of my body. I feel light, energized and very relaxed. I can turn around and bounce on this energized air. It’s such a good feeling. Now I see my body from a distance. It’s growing and I can see right through it. Everything is dark all around accept my body, which is growing in every cell. It’s as if the light has been lit inside of me.

    I’m floating up to my platform. Now I’m landing on it. On of a sudden something is change. I’m aware of the presence of my four Invisible Helpers. I’m shifting into a new phrase of this experience.


     As I’m coming closer, it appear to be a very large type spacecraft, like a mother ship. I get the impression that my friend are going to take me through it and describe to me what’s there. I’ve come in on a beam to the very center of this spacecraft. The ship is oblong, and I’m being taken into the top area. Now I’m in a beautiful dome that sticks up on the top. From here you can look out and seethe rest of the ship..I can se e in on directions… I can look straight out to star and planet.. 

    There some people-or what ever you would call them-who seem to be working…They are working over the instruments…, the beam is pulsating and changing colors some way in relation to the lights along the site of the ship. It’s a specific type of energy.

    Let me describe the two beings. They are proportioned differently from us. Overall they are more triangular-shaped. Their chests are higher and bigger then ours, and they have a large heads. .In fact, they have very large heads. Their shoulders are fairly broad, but their arms aren’t very long. Then they come down into a narrow waist; their legs aren’t long either. They both seem  to have something around their heads- I think to use in running the ship.

   And their face are…well, it doesn’t lo ok if they have any ears. And I can see little-what must be eyes, but they aren’t very big and are extremely smooth. They don’t se em to have noses. Their mouths seem to be little more than slits-with different volume and sounds coming from them.

    Now my Invisible Helpers are letting me know that they are going to take me through this ship. There’s a group of extraterrestrial beings I’m to talk with. These beings have a plan and purpose, which we going to discuss. ..

   Bob was so excited as we begin to working with the extraterrestrials that he encouraged me to have extra sessions beyond our regularly scheduled ones. These meeting took place in December 1976, and January 1977. At that time not much was being said or published about UFOs, to my knowledge.

   Interestingly, in late 1995 a news broadcast special stated that with the break up of USSR , the Soviet government’s UFO files had become public record. These records indicated some major UFO sightings in1977 in part of Soviet Union …………

   In one incident a spacecraft hovered over the major atomic-energy center, setting of an alarm that could have triggered atomic missiles’ The alarm was quickly shut off, and no action was taken. Was a spacecraft checking to se e how the extraterrestrial could prevent an atomic war? I was fascinated by this news special, since it was reporting on the time period then I was being taken onto the mother ship in our lap sessions….


   The leader has pushed a button and tell me to lie on the table. Now ‘he’s’ bringing the eyelike thing down over me and is turning the table around so I can see what’s behind me- which is the large screen. Now, the eye comes down over me, and I can see pictures of me when I was a little girl! I can se e whole experiences , both pleasant and unpleasant. The beings are taking pictures out of my brain and display them on the screen.

    This instrument records the complete consciousness of the individual. There are different colors for the emotional, physical, mental, emotional, etheric, and spiritual levels of consciousness. If fear is there, it’s recorded as certain color. Now he’s showing me my mental self. Next he’s recording the emotional self-and the colors is changing. And this technology can show other lifetimes of a person-including the future. This instrument is going deeply into my history and it’s throwing it right up there on the screen.  Nothing is hidden.

   He sending me the thought that when these beings come to the planetary area, they can take the mental and emotional ‘temperatures’ of the planet by putting different individual on this scanning apparatus. ………

   But I get the impression that this device doesn’t just measure the brain ways. It can tape into any bodily system. It knows exactly what is in the body-every cell, every molecule, every physical problem. Thus it can diagnose illness. But it is also able to create condition for healing. And it can even alter our thought-forms.

    The leader is communicating that they can also open up areas in the brain where knowledge is stored, for the individual’s benefit. They cant’s do this to everyone. But when they take a person on for a scan, if the person is evolved and balance enough physically, they enable him or her to access new area of the brain. The person then have great deal of knowledge available that he or she was not conscious before.



     Man creates in his old image; therefore, this is a false God. Mans need to create God shows that he has fallen from his own true God-nature. You do not have to create that which is already there.

     God is that vital living force in all that is real. Because man has created his own unreality, he has separated himself from the true nature of his reality, which is God. God is. And the soul in tune with its own reality knows.

     Knowing is a vital part of being. The soul in tune with its higher self has no earth words to describe its true nature.

     God is experienced, not understood.

      Man’s mind is a part of physical creation, and therefore cannot comprehend the true nature of that which goes beyond itself. ….Pure Love could dissolve the need for physical universe. The earth and universe would be enveloped in this energy form and would be automatically moved into a higher vibration, coming closer to it’s true nature.

      That force that is PURE LOVE and pure energy is what man would label GOD. There are many more dimensions that man can not understand but know by the essence of his very being and the true nature of his reality, which is God……



    Man is the essence of all reality. Man is product of his own energy field and consciousness. Man in his separateness is the self fallen from it’s true nature and locked into its own unreality.

    Man in his wholeness is the complete integration of all energy flow and the complete attunement of all elements with its true nature. Man locked into himself is man. Man released from himself is God.

    The only reality is the higher self release to return to its own integral consciousness.

     How was man created ? When? Where?

     The true nature of man is and always was, since the God-man consciousness has no beginning and no end. Man as the self fallen from itself create time, and is locked temporarily in this state until he return to his true reality………………

     Is man involved in a cycle of death and rebirth ? If so, when does this cycle end?

      Man is involved in a cycle of death and rebirth as long as he separated from his reality, which has no beginning and no end. The cycle will end when he realize he has created this state of existence to fulfill his own unfulfillment. He will step off the treadmill of time and illusion when he comes into attunement with his pure being….


    Suffering is man-made. Suffering is the fire that melts the steel or turn  the water into steam. Suffering is that which man has create to temper and prod himself to help work his way back to the true Source.

     Suffering is the fracture of the universe that make up the true nature of the soul and therefore in essence is good. Death and rebirth are the  fracture that man  created for himself in falling from the flow of his own reality, and will continue until he get back into the pure flow. Therefore, rebirth and death are good in that they will continue until the soul realizes the unnecessity of this fractured state of existence.

    All that is good, in that it is all unreality working its way through time and from back to its pure state. The earth, as its rotates, is man’s treadmill, which will always revolve in the same way under his feet until he realize that he does not need to be on the earth, which was created in his own fractured state….


Travel To The Year 2500 and 3000..

     It was around the year 2500 when we was involved in a space war with these being. But it didn’t last long, because the balance of power took place, with our higher evolved alien friends from outer space helping us. The evolve space brother knew a lot about the habit of the nonfriendly aliens that they had also been tracking for many centuries. Also we had saucers and all the space technology they did.

    One of the most important changes that took place was our use our own human energies. We were taught how to use our energies much more fully than we ever done before. Certain people were chosen to be taken aboard spaceship for special training. Human were trained not only in how to conserve and use energies that come from the earth, but also in special uses of the mind. What I’m doing now-traveling out into all dimensions-is something taught to many.

    Earth beings were given extensive training on how to use their energies from points within. There were several energy points within the human body that can be use for specific purpose-such as taping into special knowledge and traveling into different dimensions. Much travel can be done just through using the mind…..


    The world is all one the country at this point. There was a period when the world had work together to survive. Some countries were completely destroyed’ During the breakdown period, everyone had to help others and to combine energies for survival. So the energies that are use in the year 3000 are use by large number…

    There was complete change in religious concepts. There is now an overall universal knowledge. Many of the old, localized concept that separated people on earth broke down-when the Helpers had to come in from other dimensions. People realized why the Christ, the highly evolve being, had stepped in to history many years before. The purpose was to show the true nature on man.

    If human use their complete potential, they will live in the higher energies that the Christ is. There for they become one with the universe energies, which is ‘God’ in human terms. There was also a universal understanding among religious leaders from many of the different types of religious as to humanity’s purpose: to live at one’s highest God-potential.

    It was just after the period of breakdown that the highly evolved Christ-like being, with great love energies, come into planet Earth. It was then that the universal realization came that there is no being so high above others that we must worship him; rather, we all have the potential to evolve into the highest Christ-like form –which was the commission Jesus the Christ left to the world when he said, GREAT THING WILL YOU DO THAN I

   In their lower state of consciousness, humans use the term “ miracles” for what is everyday occurred now. When the earth changed, humans had to change their limited concept of self and nature. There was a complete shift in consciousness, and people operated from their own inner energies. They worked with the higher universal laws and  evolved into a oneness with all form of life.

    This is when there was the breakdown of the old concepts and the emergence of the universal religion. It is the form of religion in which people are absolutely in tune with their own being, in tune with the universe around them; they are living in principles of oneness rather than just talking about them. After the breakdown period, man was force to use all of his higher potential in order to survive on the planet………. 

    There is no fear of death-because at this point in the history of the earth, human are traveling out side of their bodies. They are traveling in many forms-still using the physical vehicle for specific purposes, but traveling into many dimensions through special uses of their own energies. At this point in history there is no concept of death, but only the transposition into higher energy form.


    RAM: “What year is it”

   ROMC: “It’s around the year 3000’ I’m on the platforms out in the space. They are all extensions of the earth . There is so much activity out here. I’m not alone on the platform any more’

    The face of the earth has changed. There was a great need to expand, and much of expansion went outward, away from the earth. Many changes have taken place on and around the earth.

    There is a lot of activity-and a lot of communication. People are flying around in different shapes of spacecraft, which seem to be coming and going from these different types of platforms. Some platforms appear to be stopping-off points for people who are  traveling out to various points in the universe. People have changed in their appearance, and in physical stature. Overall, they are taller.

     Looking at the United States from this distance, it appears it is not nearly as wide as it was. There must have been some drastic changes on earth. Land has appears on the ocean areas-as if some land has gone down, and other land has come up’ It is also completely different that it is hard to recognize things.

    Something is happening in the ocean water. At different places, I can see something sticking up out of the water. I’m being told that these are exhaust pipes for cities underneath the water.    

    There is also a different in the climate. The warm and cold areas on the earth have changed. It’s almost as if the north and the south poles are different place than before.

    Little circular vehicles with glass top seem to have taken the place of automobiles. I can see a family in one. The vehicle seems to be propelled from somewhere underneath. There are landing platforms in the water where the vehicle can land and submerge right into the water. Evidently this type of vehicle can travel through water as well as in the air or land. The family I saw flew down to the water, landed and disappeared.

    I’m seeing many kinds of people. I’m receiving the information that there has been communication with beings from other planets-and that the earth has become a universal melting spot. We used to just travel on the earth; but now they’re traveling out into the universe as an everyday experience. I mentioned seeing people that are taller. I’m told that this is just one type, the people in the spacecraft looked very different, like beings from outer space.


    RAM: “ When did direct contact become public knowledge throughout the planet?”

    ROMC: “ For many, many years, Through special observation they ware always aware of what was happening on earth. They are very evolved beings who see both the past and future. They are responsible for helping to bring new knowledge into the earth. It is knowledge that earth residents actually know but have not used….

    It was around the year 2500 when we was involved in a space war with these beings. But it didn’t  last long, because a balance of power took place, with our higher evolved alien friends from out space helping us. The evolved space brother knew a lot about the habit of the nonfriendly aliens had they had also be en tracking for many centuries. Also, we had saucers and the space technology they did.

    One of the most importance changes took place was our use of our own human energies. We were taught how to use our energies much more fully than we had ever done before. Certain people were chosen  to be taken aboard spaceship for special training. Humans were trained not only in how to conserve and use energies that come from the earth, but also in special use of the mind. What I’m doing now-traveling out into all dimensions – is something that was taught to many.