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Email from James David on August 23, 2007:

Master Vu,

I AM HEALED... I declare myself healed because I choose to.

After using your system for a week, all the symptoms I was inflicted with were gone. I kept using it to convince myself that it was real and also because it is enjoyable. I will adopt it as my new meditation’s method because I see the power in it.

Although it is still balancing my body and my mind and fixing things here and there, I am confident in the process.

I found out that there were a lot of work to do to put my being in the right perspective.

Now I have the right method and that put my mind in peace.

Thank you Master Vu for your availability, thanks for the energy you keep sending on my way and I am grateful for every life that is changed by your energy.

This system works and it is miraculous.

I look forward to have you on the phone and express my admiration.

Still a lot need to be done but I am already on my way.

Thanks a million and be blessed.

James David
Love and Honesty.


Answer from the Master:

HI James,

I knew you will received more of my "Love energy"! It is possible because you truly believe in it - you are sincere and you understand the power of this method!

I’m very please to hear all symptoms that used to make you suffer are now gone.

Besides that, more and more ‘miraculous’ things are happening to you like when you ‘see’ my ‘spritual image’ in front of you - even with your eyes wide OPEN! Very few people can see it this way - most of them can only see me when they practice my spiritual - meditation at home with their eyes closed.

As I said the first time I talked to you on the phone - from now on, you are protected by the love energy of the universe - no one can hurt you any more - every disease will be released from you.! You will have a healthy & happy life - You will Live a Life You meant To Live ..!

Love & Peace


Email from James David on August 16, 2007:

Master Vu,

I promised yesterday to write to you about how I feel but I couldn’ t do it until now because my schedule wouldn’t allow me to get to it.

However, I am getting better and better.

After our phone conversation yesterday, I felt for some time a current of vibrations all my body.

As I told you, I can see you clearly in my mind when I talk to you on the phone and when I meditate and I experience all kind of phenomena in my body and mind afterwards.

My healing is on the way because my body and mind are going through a phase of balance and I see a whole difference.

To tell you the truth, I do not experience most of the symptoms I had before but I just want to keep the practice going for few more days before I could pronounce myself about my healing even if I am convinced that it is happening now.

I am more at peace with myself and the world and it is a great feeling.

I will keep you informed of anything new but I can testify that this system works!

I feel like a new man and I owe it to you! Thanks a million!!!

Have a nice evening!!!

Love and compassion.
James David



Email from James David on July 26, 2007:

Master Vu,

My name is James David and I talked with you few minutes ago.

As I told you I am a NT apprentice and it is by this way that my path crossed yours.

I have been suffering for many years with unexplained diseases and I have been subject of many curses coming from people that sense that there is something beautiful in me they could not explained and out of envy they try to destroy me but the One in me didn't let them attempt to my life.

As this moment I am writing this, I am still the subject of a lot of psychic attacks and for a long time I didn't know what to do but since some time I am experiencing some release because I seek some help but I can't say that I am healed.

For many years I have been experiencing a smell coming from my organs and which brought me through a lot of misery because of that I have been ostracized and people, a lot of people were very mean to me and I couldn't go anywhere without people calling me names but I know I have done nothing wrong and I believe this disease was caused by malignant forces and I didn't know what to do.

Life has been so tough these couples of years because I wasn't able to work. People despise me everywhere but the One in me didn't let me down.

People always try to destroy what they envy and I can say that this is so not what it is supposed to be.

NT came my way and I experienced some relief but I need a solution and hopefully I can learn to heal myself and heal others because we all need healing sometime.

My life has pass me by until now and it is time for change.

I believe in you and I believe in the power of the mind so I know that for now on I will be more happy and I will have a better life.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to receive the healing I sought so much.

You will receive my order in few days and the One be with you.

Peace, Love and Honesty!

James David

Answer from the Master:

HI James,

I understand your feelings now, as you said : nothing could touch the 'ONE' inside you ..We are not only the BODY, WE ARE MORE THAN OUR PHYSICAL BODIES – we are THE SOUL & THE SPIRIT! Some people don’t realized that. They only value OTHERS by Material Things. They can only 'Look' with their physical eyes (not by Spiritual eye – Third eye ). We Are All Special - We are ONE from the Creator - We never die… After you received my 'spiritual healing ' package, practice at home, it may help you to get over this bad situation – to find your True–Self. If you truly believe in it.

You don’t have to worry about the attitudes of people any longer. From now you have the 'Loving Energy' of the Universe that protects you! You will became a New Person and have Self – Confidence & Joy.. You will have the LIFE you meant to live!

You will see in my web site some wonderful feelings of other NT members like GILLER, north California; DAVIT, TX; PETER, Wisconsin; BRENDA, NY; DEBBIE, Pensilvania; SHIREEN, PA….when they practice my method at home ..




Email from James David on July 28, 2007:

Master Vu,

I would like to thank you because I used your meditation as you instructed me and I feel better already. I know it will be better when I will receive the system.

Also, I sleep like a baby after practicing and this is wonderful.

My actual friday night essence is about writing on life, spiritual love, the golden rule and the wisdom of ages.

I am putting in place a spirituality without mysticism and this is valuable for me.

Because of my interest in the spiritual realm, I would like to add your system as a complement for my FNE, it will be the structuring part and it will be termed "Initiation in the healing arts".

I wish you can give me some advices sometimes.

I am working on my fifth book in a year and if you want I will sent you some extracts of my books if you wish but I have to make something in place first.

When ready, you will receive the files in your email box.

I am looking for a right way to publish them because they are what can be called unconventional.

I have been meditating for almost twelve years and I needed a system more appropriate to have better results and your system is it and also because you are also a NT fellow, I trust you and I am honored to make your acquaintance.

If I have something new I will let you know.

My peace I share with you.

Have a wonderful day!!!

Love and Honesty!
James David

Answer from the Master:


It's wonderful to hear about your feelings after you read my email & practiced my method. Your 'sad story' with suffering moved me. I want to help you right away.. You just need to think my 'Love energy' coming to you from the top of your head and throughout your entire body. It will ‘heal’ your problems. Many others NT Members informed me that they 'Feel' wonderful sensations in their body & mind when they practice my method at home..

Please go to my web site : “ “ and you will see many things they experiences like Giller, Peter, Davit, Brenda..their wonderful stories that you can see in the ‘EMAILS’ I sent you .When I help someone, I ask them to tell the truth to every body, and not be afraid of anything. Could you send me your picture, so I can post it with this email on the website?



Email from James David on July 29, 2007:

Master Vu,

Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to tell you that you can use any of my emails in your website. I do not have any picture of myself in my computer yet because I have to buy a digital camera to do that.

However, if you want a paper picture you can scan, I will send it to you right away.

I will take care of that as soon as possible and when done, you will also have a digital picture of me.

I will continue meditating as you told me and I believe everything will be well.

Thanks again for your availability.

Be blessed!!!

Love and Harmony.
James David


Email from James David on July 29, 2007:

Master Vu,

Thank you very much for your consideration, you are very loving.

I can't believe I finally reveal this to someone after all these years of suffering.

I must have felt your love energy to finally open myself in this way and to you.

I know without a doubt that you can be trusted.

Thanks for everything.

Have a great night.

Peace and Love.
James David

Answer from the Master:

That's OK. Every night before you go to bed, think about my "Love Energy" coming to help you. You can 'Picture' me sitting in front of you, giving you energy from the top of your head all the way down to your toes.

You will feel good & have a peaceful sleep...



Email from James David on August 2, 2007:

Master Vu,

I was glad to talk to you this morning.

Last monday, around noon, I heard a loud growling in my stomach and I felt as if a knot as been undone in that area.

I know that this is the area where this negative power is lodged and it caused me a lot of constipation.

After that, it sent me straight to the bathroom.

Later that night, around 10:45 PM, I was laying in my bed, thinking about how I want my life to be and my nephew who is 8 years old entered in the room.

I was in my daydreaming and I sense that he stopped and was looking at me.

I had my eyes half close and I asked him why he was looking at me that way and I want to underline that it was dark in the room because the light was turned off.

He told me that he saw a light coming from me, going next to the chair I had beside my bed and then going fast toward the wall and coming back to me.

I felt amazed but I just told him that it is okay.

I know that children often see things we can not see anymore because of our conditioning.

Since I started doing your meditation I feel lighter, I have a sweet feeling of love cursing my body.

Sometimes, at least at the beginning, I was smelling the odor I was talking about coming out of me. I feel the energy going through my body when I am meditating and I feel less anxious and I am more confident about my future.

I received your system today as I told you and with the help of the meditation CD, it is going to be better.

I would like to thank you so much because every day I am improving.

Also, I forgot, during my sleep I felt a light pain in an area that was causing me some problems but it was welcomed because I sense it was the healing energy going around that area and healing it. It didn't last long, just a few minutes and it was gone.

I did not feel any pain in that area for many months but it was still a matter of concern.

This is all for now. I let you know when I experience something more.

Thank you, Master Vu for everything, I can say that you are a savior sent to me by the divine energy and that is really what you are.

May the One bless you eternally for everything you do for all of us.

Have a nice evening!

Love and Honesty.
James David


Email from James David on August 7, 2007:

Master Vu,

Following our phone conversation, I am sending you this to let you know how it is going with me. I know I am new to the system but I am making some progress.

When I am meditating, I see you right in front of me, smiling and giving me your energy.

Sometimes when I work with your energy, I feel so much love, sometimes my body becomes hot and my heart starts to beat fast.
You don't know it yet but I had a heart problem when I was younger and I had a surgery.

One night, I sensed the back of my brain moving continually during my sleep.

Also, when meditating, I am all smile. With all the years of meditation practice I have,

I didn't find any system able to make me keep the smile during practice but with your system, I draw a smile in my face during all the seance and it comes naturally, I don't have to think about it or force myself to do it.The nature of your energy invites the smile.

I am also having more and more insights about who I am and how I can have a healthy relationship with my true Self. It's wonderful.

I will keep you informed of my experiences anytime I have something new.

Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

Love and Honesty.
James David


Email from James David on August 12, 2007:

Master Vu,

I just want to say Hello. I am very pleased with your system and I enjoy my practices.

My health is improving everyday.

I will soon announce to you my new found "freedom".

Until then, take care of yourself and sing the hymns of Love.

Talk to you soon!!!

Love and Honesty.
James David


Email from James David on August 13, 2007:

Master Vu,

I would like to thank you for the DVD, I received it today.

The practice of your system allows me to think of my life right now with a clearer mind and I hope it is going to help me financially too.

I feel great and I am projecting some undertakings right now and without fear.

I came to distrust my abilities for some time now because I was in a rut financially but I am sensing more than hope, I am feeling the emergence of confidence within me and it is incredible.

I feel like if the conditions are right, I can do anything I wish to do.

I think that my mental recovery is priceless so I would like to express my gratitude once again.

I will call you wednesday because it is also comforting to talk to you because it brings the support alive.

Have a nice evening and take care of yourself.

Love and compassion.
James David


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