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Master Khoi heals Bernice Eaton from Michigan.


Bernice Eaton

Bernice Eaton


Mrs. Bernice -Arthritis knees, 68 - live in MI. She hardly walks and often uses a cane to support.., she has had problems with her right hand, body weakness, skin disease and  kidney... When she called master Khoi Vu that day – with weak voice – stressful.. After talking with Mr Khoi about half an hour on the phone, she could walk without cane, and she could easily spread her fingers. She felt better – her voice stronger - she felt joyful and smiled a lot… The amazing thing is, during healing session on the phone, she could feel the ‘energy’ in her body and she could ‘SEE’ Master Khoi’s Image in front of her (his spiritual image) even when she opened her eyes, Bernice could ‘see’ Mr Khoi’s birds on his shoulder.! (he has few birds at home..)


* This is the conversation between Bernice and master Khoi Vu on the phone ..

(Why Bernice said “ I need your 50% “ - because when master Khoi healing to any one, he always said: I help you only 50% - the 50% rest you have  to help yourself by practicing the healing method at home that I have teach you..!)

- Her message on master  Khoi's answering machine:

"This is Bernice, I wrote you a letter I have ...I am getting worse, I would love to have you cure for me, I need your 50%, I feel the disease taking over me more and more, I know I can be cured in my heart and soul, I would really appreciate if I could talk to you and have your 50%, I know I can't do all, I have been trying for 1 month and a half, my telephone number is ...... I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart in knowing about you. Thank you very much ..."


- Mr. Khoi called her back:

Ms Bernice:
- Hello?
- Hello, this is Khoi Vu, I want to return your phone.
- Thank you, this is Bernice
- Yes, how are you, and what [do] you need?
- Well, I have this disease ..(skin) and affect the kidney .. and ...  I wrote to you a few months ago about I want the information, and I have been trying in about a month and a half, and I want your 50% of ..
- Of my healing right ?
- Yeah!
- OK, I am sorry I don't [remember], did I return the mail to you or something?
- Yes, you returned ... I received the material from you, I listened to your tape every night, I meditated two three times all days, and I would love for you to cure for me so that ... I know in my heart and soul and the spirit; and this disease is just taking over ... and I need your help.
- Ok, ok now please close your eyes, and think from the top of your head, [I am] giving you the energy to cure all the disease, ... take 5 deep breaths in and out, like I showed you before, think about the sickness, it will be gone! healing by the phone for you, you will feel better, after talking for me like this, because you believe and you [are] sincere, so you [will] receive it. [The] diseases will be gone, you should take a look at my website - at the Patrice Kuo's healing case - he is a NT (Neo-tech)'s member too. I healing for him on the phone, during his healing sessions on the phone, when he was talking to me, he can see my image, my spiritual image in front of him. Look at... see at my website,, at "Special Cases" you will see what he wrote to me on the email, and he agreed I post his email and his picture on the website too.  After two weeks practicing my method, most of his disease was gone. Do you practice it twice a day at home?
- Yes I did
- Good, keep doing this
- I will
- And you will be better
- Can I talk to you again?
- Ok, please
- I practiced and I read everything that you had sent to me ... I know that I can be healed  .. knowing it with all my heart
- Yes
- During the practicing, did you feel something in your body and your mind?
- I feel in my head and the back of my neck
- What [did] you feel?
- Like a tingling
- ...
- And then my head .. and get full ..
- Keep talking
- ....
- What do you feel right now?
- I feel a cold all the body
- You are cold on your body, that's very good!
- It's cold to my body
- That's good, that's my energy come to help you, OK ?
- Anything you feel, when you are talking in me like this, in your body, it means that my energy comes to fix to you. Do you understand that?
- Yes I do
- ... Do you know what that mean?
- That's a miracle exactly!
- Yes, this time talking to me, today, you will feel better, ok?
- Oh, you don't know how I cry .... I appreciate it so much!
- That's my pleasure to help people. Then help people all around the world, they call to me like you, from other states, from other countries, after they [were] talking to me a few minutes, they can feel better, your physical and your mental too.
- My whole body now is shaking
- Oh, your whole body now is shaking, that's very good, I keep sending the energy to you, ok?
- Oh, thank you so much ....
- ….When they suffer, they stress, they call to me, after talking to me five minutes, ten minutes, they don't feel anymore stress, they feel happy, and after that they laugh, they smile .. you know that?
- .....
- Another NT member, in Chicago , after talking to me on phone, an hours later, she still keep smiling at home, by herself. She feel happy, joyful ... because I was sending the loving energy, from the Univers to her, and to you too, ... to everybody, when they believe in my energy, and if they are sincere, they can receive it. Please, take a look at my website and read about it, ok ?
- I will
- That is: each time you look at my website, you can feel the energy to you too. The amazing thing is, people noticed to me when they look at my website. What do you feel now?
- ... .. my face..
- Permit ?
- I feel I have the biggest smile across my face…
- See my picture? You can see me  ?
- Yes
- Good. How I look like? ..what you see me ?-
- I see you [with the] long hair, and you [are] a very sincere person, very loving, kind and giving, ... and see birds ...
- You see my birds?
- Yes, I see the birds ... little bird on your shoulder
- Yeah . I have a few birds with me ... I have a big bird like cocker tail, and another one is a parakeet on my shoulder, and the other one is a canary, and the cocker tail sometimes on my shoulder too .. they talk with me. What kind of disease [you have] tell me again?
- It's called ..cellar drama {?}.
- What's that mean?
- It's a kind of arthralgia
- So it's hard to walk, right?
- Yes
- OK, what else?
- And its effect are the hazing of the skin
- What happens to your skin?
- It's getting rough and swelling up, the muscle in the fingertips.. . i­t affects the fingers and the toes
- So it's hard to move the finger ...
- Yes
- So what else?
- It affects the kidney
- ...
- So I know I need your help
- So did you see your doctor often?
- Yes, he called and told me to come today ...
- So how long have you been sick like this?
- About a month and a half
- How about the arthritis ... all the signals.. how long have you been sick like this?
- Not very long at all ....
- And.. what doctor said?
- She authorized ... see a specialist
- Now you try to walk for me, stand up and walk, like a man .. just take a walk, moving your body and let me know how you feel now. !
- ..OK
- stand-up and take a walk
- alright - a lot better..
- try and let me know..
- I can walk better..
- good ! what else let me know, so I can know .. and I can heal more for you?    And what difference after you talking with me 15 minutes and before, let me know?
- …It’s OK, I call you in a week?
- yes, every time you feel hurt, call me
- I love you
- I love you too, but tell me then, tell me exactly what you feel now, and what difference between now and before you called me
- well before I was so in cane and now I do walk, I doesn't hurt
- good, what's else?
- ......(?)
- how many percent you feel better?
- in walking right now?
- ah ha!
- I would tell you, like 75% better right now
- 75% ? that's very good
- I would say, I can walk without the ...?
- oh good, and what else? what do you feel in your mind, in your soul?
- ... uplist ...
- ... uplist ?
- yes, I feel beautiful
- I can tell, because you laugh very happy, right?
- yes, I am
- you feel happy now?
- I feel beautiful
- good, I told you before I healing you, that after you talking with me like this, you will feel better
- I do, I knew this is a cure for me, and just talk to you; I have been trying this for a month and a half, and I can't do with myself, I knew ...
- yes, how old are you
- I am 68 years old
- 68?
- yes, and I own a horse farm and I just .. all my life ... that's why when I heard about you, I knew ... ?
- You believe in me ?
- I believe in you
- So you can be cured, you will feel better ... Today, everything is better for you, ok ?
- Oh thank you so much
- Don't worry about ... the diseases, it will be gone, ok ?
- I thank you from the bottom of my heart, I love you
- I love you too
- My right hand ………no more hurt…I can move….




Letter from the patient


Master Khoi Vu,

I sent for your DVD and CD about a month ago. I read all of it and looked at your DVD and I listen to your CD of Spiritual Healing Power every night. I love the peace I get from it.

A week ago I found out I have scleroderma. What scleroderma means is that I have hard skin, and it affects my Blood vessles, joints and internal organs.

This is a rare disease, that affects women. I'm 68 years old, I love life, and all people. I know within me, I believe in the Healing Power. I can do 50%, but I ask you for your 50%.

When I listen to your CD the LOVE comes over me. The PEACE, for I know I'm ONE with GOD, ONE with the UNIVERSE. I want more of the UNIVERSE ENERGY.

With Love,

Bernice Eaton.

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