Khoi Vu Biography

Written by: NGUYEN KINH DOANH in July 2006

Khoi VuKHOI VU was born in Vietnam. Khoi arrived in the United States in January 1980 as a refugee after a lot of suffering from the miserable trip.

All his life, from the bottom of his heart, he has been trying to do humanitarian works. He has assisted thousands of handicapped, poor, disadvantaged, hungry and sick people.

Since 1992, he has organized Thanksgiving celebrations every year in which hundreds of homeless and hungry people attended. He gave out foods, blankets, words of comforts and encouragements to all.

Khoi is also the Publisher of NGAY MAI MAGAZINE. The periodical has been in operation since 1994. He has been mailing NGAY MAI MAGAZINE free of charge to inmates and poor people who asked to receive them.

Homeless PersonOne of his distinguished gestures was praised highly in the news media in 1995. On Wednesday, April 19, 1995, at 9:02 a.m., a massive bomb inside a rented Ryder truck exploded in front of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City, blowing half of the nine-story into oblivion, killing 168 people.

In May 1995, Khoi Vu led a delegation to the Office of the Oklahoma Lieutenant Governor and handed him a check to help families of victims in the tragedy. On this occasion, NGAY MAI also donates money to Feed For Children and Red Cross.



Essay about the Master


Written by: Nhat Tinh

In this essay, we would like to introduce, respectfully, to readers a Master who has used spiritualist powers to heal many diseases, for example numbness, deafness, cancer…

I have known Master Vu Boi Quang Khoi through FM 106.3 broadcasting program SPIRITUALIST POWER AND HEALING BY SPIRITUALIST AT 11:00PM on Sunday and at 2:15AM on Thursday.

Being an author who has written and researched on many psychic as well as spiritualist subjects and after brief contacts and met with Master Khoi several times, I can not refrain from writing this article for all readers.

My first reactions when listening to Master Khoi’s teachings on radio station were happiness and appreciation.

Khoi with BirdsHappiness is because Vietnamese have achieved a spiritualist level to obtain his sayings on spiritualist matters during the broadcasting.  Appreciation is because I have felt his immense humanitarian and philanthropic efforts when seeing his enthusiastic and determined will to heal any one who called to the station and asked for treatment.

For over twenty years, I have researched and studied methods of using the brain in combination with prayers to the Almighty to possibly change living circumstances and health, I have never witnessed anyone who has the ability to cure chronic diseases as miraculously as Master Khoi.
Always being humble, Master Khoi states that there are many people whose abilities are equal to or surpassing him.  And in each of us, we can be like Master Khoi or better than that.

Another thing I realize is after listening to Master Khoi’s broadcasting programs, my knowledge on spirituality has increased and become clearer.  My friends in the conferences organized by Americans have noticed this change in me.  This is the immediate Open of Mind that Master Khoi has taught me and to all those who have been fortunate to meet with Him or listening to Him.

After witnessing and hearing testimonies from those who were healed by Master Khoi, ranging from back pain for many years, sleepless, chronic headache, asthma, kidney problems, hand pain, shoulder discomfort, dizzy, loss of hair, unconscious to cases of evil spirits, philter, amulet, ghost possession…I am going from the normal surprise to extremely amazed.

Being an objective observer, I have the following opinions on phenomena that I must call miracles.  First, the cases of diseases to be cured, I only knew through religious literature not actually witnessed.  Master Khoi tell me  today people can perform this but did not have to practice many years or a lifetime.  Second, those who are healed were fortunate to meet with Him, especially listening to Him, either by telephone or broadcasting, and at the same time must have Faith in Him.

It seems to be quite simple but extremely important because Master Khoi always reminds that 50% of the power to be healed relying on the belief of the patients.  His sayings only awaken the subconscious mind in each of the person  who went to Him for treatment.  His repetition is so special in it reminding our inner highness. 

We are a part of the Universe Energy - part of Creator, therefore, our energy combines with the Creator ‘s energy  would bring boundless power to heal any diseases.  We have less confidence in ourselves since the ancient time, we have been taught that we are weak and have to bow down to false powers created by our own human being devised with the purpose of maintaining power and influences.

Knowing the truth about ourselves and others,  we will be brave and not afraid of any devil or angels.  The bravity and understanding are fundamentals of optimized love for all beings since we are only One.  All hatred and anger have not overcome our human nature.  Master Khoi has taught these matters.  Only God will bring purity, love, and power.

Khoi feeding pigeonsI just discuss above generally about immediate open of mind and immense love.  Concerning power, with my simple observation and cases I saw from patients who came to him for healing, I only can say that Master Khoi has achieved the power and applied it to healing is the dynamic power I have never seen before.

There was a patient calling into the radio station and stating that in the early morning she felt a tremendous wind waking her up, pushing and bending her back to heal her and she has recovered over 80%  of her nose problems.

First, when Master Khoi informed me that He sent out the Power continuously 24 hours daily to heal and bring tremendous love to all beings, I thought it was strange and was not convinced.  Then one day, in the early morning of a Thursday, after listening to the Spiritualist broadcasting, I turned off the radio, and looking at the ceiling, suddenly someone was talking with me.

Regaining composure, I knew I was fully conscious, not sleeping since I still looked at the ceiling.  The voice of Master Khoi himself was talking directly to my right ear.  He said the events I had related last Saturday when calling into the radio station were all correct and should continue to do so for all who were fortunate to listen to my testimonies would increase the belief of Power to Heal from Master Khoi.  Prior to that, a lady friend in the group listening to Master Khoi preaching about spiritualism also felt the same way I experienced.

Master Khoi always reminds us that there are two forces in the universe.  One is Constructive Force and the other is Destructive Force.  This is also the reason many people have called to the station to defame his works.  Some had drastic and violent reactions in words and voice to criticize his activities.

Some reasoned that His Power was given by devils.  Others claimed that He worshipped some kinds of ghosts.

I try to understand further about these accusations and have questions of my own:  Why are the devils concerned about healing without any fee in return no matter the patients are rich, poor, or in any position?  Why do ghosts order the Master to provide meals to the homeless wandering around the streets and markets?

These have been his activities within the past 14 years.  If adding the fees for His works comparing to medical doctors, certainly at this point in life He would live in a fabulous palace on the high hills facing the ocean not the ordinary living condition He is living at now happily with the dog, cat, chicken, birds  I personally and many who came in contact with Him also witnessed.

Even the title He was called from those who admire Him, He wants to be equal with everybody.  He reminds everyone not to call themselves “son” or “daughter” of the Master.

Difficult sacrifice and quietly walking on the thorned roads and ungrateful life to have what benefits?  To retain what position and to tighten who?  I have never heard of any master who was possessed by devils but try to teach everyone to love and respect each other, not to attach to materials and temporary properties in life and always pray to sooth spirit and body suffering of all beings.

Only those who have the level of the understanding of facts on spiritual life and feel profound interest in saving life from suffering can understand a portion of Master Khoi’s efforts.

In the next articles, we will go in details to help you understand about methods to heal mental disease, karma debt, and health problems that Master Khoi has preached.

About the Author:

Nhat Tinh is a Spiritualist Gentleman.  He has been studying theology for over 20 years and seems to have attained “Wisdom and Knowledge” on the subject. Nhat Tinh has researched many different angles of spirituality and religion.  He has given lectures on meditation and spiritualist matters to many American psychics and scholars.


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