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Bui Thuy

Bui Thuy, Saigon, Vietnam

Bui Thuy - Before TreatmentThuy's physicians were hesitant to operate on her tumor, because they feared damaging the nervous system around it. She was sent home and felt helpless. She could not eat, had no desire to socialize and lost a lot of weight. Her mother, Mrs. Sang who lives in Costa Mesa, California asked Master Khoi to help her daughter.

Master Khoi called Bui every weekend from his office in California. After each healing session, Bui felt better and better. During her healing, she felt an electric current pulsate through her body. After 3 treatments, she felt so much better that she started eating well again. After the fifth session, she was able to get out of the house and socialize again.

Khoi speaking with Bui on the phoneBy the end of her eleventh healing session with Master Khoi, she had recovered completely and went back to work full-time as a nurse. Everybody at the hospital couldn't believe that she came back to work so energized! To this day, Bui continues to send letters to thank Master Khoi. Bui has transformed into a NEW person, with much more energy and happiness in her life.


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