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Gillers Minderhoud

Gillers Minderhoud (Neo-Tech Society Member)


Letter from the patient


Email from Gillers on June 20, 2007:

Good evening Master Khoi,

I've practiced your method Wednesday afternoon.  I fell asleep while listening to your CD.  At night time, the same thing happened again.

Thursday night (I sat again in my easy chair), was in silence, a great feeling came over me.  It lasted less than a minute but it was very special. While concentrating on your energy flowing into me through the top of my head, it felt like my left and right brain-halves were 'clapping hands'.  A sort of like two balloons filled with gel blending in with each other while bouncing one-another.

Friday afternoon, listening to your CD while laying in bed, I 'felt good', being on that point what feels like in between awake and asleep.  My meditation became interrupted by back ground noises.

At nighttime I was sitting in silence, 'felt good', but all of a sudden my wife awoke me two hours later.

I'll practice again shortly.

May Peachfulness and Happiness be with you.



Email from Gillers on June 22, 2007:

Master Khoi, it feels like I’ve known you for a long time already while it has only been three days. Thank so much for all the time you have spent with me already. Expecially this morning when I called you. During that time, when I had my eyes closed, yes I did feel your energy. I felt tingles throughout my body. But my honesty directs me to tell you that the feelings I had had a lot in common with what I feel during meditation. And where I was struggling with this morning (and also during my meditations) is the voices in my head; ‘ is this really working for me?’, ‘am I not suppose to feel more?’, etcetera.

Master Khoi Vu, I love your name, I love you.

Kind regards,



Email from Gillers on July 19, 2007:

Good Evening Master Khoi,

I am happy for you, and even happier for the rest of the world (including myself) now you have your web-site going. While exploring your site, I just came at the part where the picture is showing 10 people with closed eyes. Immediately I felt a ‘calm feeling’ throughout my body. Read the article, started emailing you, and now I still have this wonderful calm feeling over me. I feel blessed I got to come in touch with you.

Love, Peace, and Spirituality,

Gillers Minderhoud

Answer from the Master:

Some people like you, when they watch my Video, listen to my CD or read my spiritual healing documents at home, they could feel the ‘good energy’ in their body & soul, they feel happy and smile all day long. Some people even ‘see’ my Website, and feel that way too – just like you. You know why? It is because I ‘transmit’ my ‘love energy’ of the universe to everything that I become involved with. People can not believe that, but it is ‘TRUE’ .




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