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"This spiritual healing method will help you to understand your "True-Self". You are more than your physical body. Your spiritual energy helps you emerge into a "Universe Consciousness" by changing your limiting concept of self and operate from your inner energy, while becoming more in tune with your inner being.

What I'm doing, you can also do. You can even do more!

Do you know who you really are? Open your mind and the willingness to learn - YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT!"


Teaching Self Healing Class in CANADA
Many of Master Khoi's students describe an amazing feeling in their body and mind when they listen to Master Khoi speak. They can feel the positive "ENERGY" throughout the session.

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The Healing Class - 'Guide to Self-heal with the Power of Mind

The way to heal yourself with power of mind is very scientific and efficient; it’s also called the “spiritual healing” – using your higher-self energy, not with your physical self, but with your spiritual self. As I said, we are not only our physical bodies, but each of us still have other bodies, “the soul” and “the mental body”. We all have the ability to heal ourselves and we can still do other extraordinary things, if we have an ‘open mind’ and the desire to study new things, and if we know how to use our potential, if we know Who We are, and understand a number of Universal Laws.

It is important for those who want to venture into this path of “cultivation”, who want to have the power to heal themselves and others, with their enthusiasm and strong will, then they will surely get what they want… because we only need ‘A grain of belief to move mountains and seas’ (Jesus), or ‘All that we are is result of what we have though” (Buddha), that is Universal laws, that our great Masters used since millennia

Master Khoi teachingThis class is called “spiritual healing”- (do not need any medicine to cure sickness), since everything comes from our spirit. This is not only for healing our physical bodies, but to have a calm and joyful spirit, leaving all angers, worries, greed, egoism behind, because of the loving power of the universe!

Especially for people who have “hidden talent” within them, it will unleash their power to open those “power” sources … using the magic that this method brings us (please see the documents that you buy for healing yourself at home). The guide to “heal ourselves” is “soul to soul” and it does not need many documents to read as with other methods, but it needs practice. Master Khoi uses his “Power of Mind” to “transmit” the “spiritual power” to the students, so that they can learn new things – having a new consciousness, and help them to heighten their spiritual ‘vibration’ in accord with the Universe’s clean power and love. From that, they can receive the unlimited power of the Universe.


Khoi speaking to a class

The class for self-healing has four levels:

1.) First basic class for 2 weeks

2.) Second basic class for 2 weeks

3.) Third class for 2 weeks

By now, a student will be able to heal him/herself as well as his/her family members.

4.) Advance class for 3 weeks

The student can now heal other people from distance, similar to how Master Khoi cures people from all over the nation by speaking to them through the radio or phone.

There is a fast class for 10 days only, please contact Master Khoi for more details about it to save time. You can learn directly from Master Khoi through the telephone through ‘soul to soul’ approach – over a distance, an ‘excellent power’ that Master Khoi applies to those who have enough sincerity and trust.


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