The Power of Mind can Move Mountains


Spiritual Healer - Master Khoi Vu"All you see in the world now is outcome of people's actions.  If we want to change the world, each of us has to change first.  That is our hard mission and pride.

At this New Era for Humankind, my ‘Healing Power’ method has been released to the world. It reveals “A Great Method” to cure diseases both physically and mentally in order to bring healthiness and happiness back to your life. The method can truly change your life forever...!

We're not only consisted of the Body, but also the Soul and the Spirit. Now is the right time to release my ‘Mind Power Healing’ to the world. It will reveal the great method of healing in both physical body & mind, to bring health and happiness to those who believe in it."


Love & Peace, Khoi Vu



    When we’re young we often think that we know everything. As we get older we begin to realize that there is so much we don’t know – until finally like Socrates, we suspect that we don’t know anything! According to the information brought through by my Invisible Helpers, however, the knowledge is within us. If that’s true, then in the real sense, WE KNOW EVERYTHING!

    So when the youthful think they know everything, they’re onto something. But when it’s our inflated ego that believe this, we usually aren’t interested in learning anything-NEW including learning the reason we really do know everything. So, if you feel that you don’t know everything, travel with me to the knowing level and learn about what you already know…. “

     COSMIC JOURNEYS My Out-of-Body Explorations with Robert A. Monroe’

      Author: ROSALIND McKnight – Master of Divinity degree



   " Explorers are know for the journeys they take. Rosie McKnight explored the vast nonphysical dimensions of consciousness. With famed out-of-body researcher Robert Monroe, she helped to further the understanding of human consciousness, and to demonstrate beyond doubt that we are more than our physical bodies. Many of these pioneering sessions are presented here almost word for word, as they were taped, along with her warm and inspiring observations of Bob Monroe and the early days of The Monroe Institute.

    Here are operations of non-human energy systems, interactions with highly evolved beings, concepts about the makeup of the many levels of the universe, views of the afterlife and the animal dimensions, the nature of healing and guidance, a look at the future, and much more. Here is the pursuit of the true meaning of science fearlessly mapping wherever the inquisitive mind take us..

    Through the courage of Rosie McKnight and other explorers of The Monroe Institute, we are given, as Laurie Monroe  writes in her introduction, “ a clarity of perception and a sense of the greatness that is beyond our everyday life


      Author: ROSALIND McKnight – Master of Divinity degree

                      (read the full)


Mind Power Healing - Spiritual Healing


Master KHOI VU discovered and continues to perfect his method of “SPIRITUAL HEALING”. With greatest DESIRE and a sense of MISSION, he wishes to share what he refers to as “Love Energy” with the world. For the last eleven years, he has cured people with illnesses by personally guiding them through the path to recovery. He has a radio show in Orange County CA, where he continues to transform the lives of disease-stricken individuals.

I have a wonderful news for you.

I would like to introduce you to a natural healing method that everyone is talking about in town.

It is available now for the public after many years of underground application.

This method is designed to cure all kinds of diseases.

When the doctors say that there is no more hope, this system proves them wrong.

There is no pill or any other form of medicine to take, it is all natural.

In fact, this system is a self-healing process through which you use your own mind to heal yourself. It is safe and side effects free.

It is based on a meditation method performed under the guidance of its founder, Master Khoi Vu.

Thousands of people have used it to heal their incurable ailments, from advanced stage of cancer to full recovery after a stroke.

Master Khoi Vu has not met most of his patients in person because they come from many states and countries.

However, he talked to many of them on the phone and he transmitted to them his healing energy.

Master Khoi Vu is a spiritual master. He is also a radio talk show host at little Saigon Radio Station, CA and he is the publisher of Ngay Mai Magazine.

He is now willing to share his method of spiritual healing power with the world because he feels that the public is now ready to receive it.
Master Khoi Vu has been honored by different organizations for his work.

He also assists homeless and throws a thanksgiving party for the needy every year for more than a decade.

His healing method comes with a set of documents, meditation CD and DVD.

Master Khoi Vu's system treats the whole being and lead his patients to a better knowledge of their true Self.

Everyone should use it for prevention and well-being.

Every person who experiences a physical or mental imbalance should try it.

The principle of this method is to give back to people their rightful wholeness.

This mind healing method is the most simple, practical and efficient one for eliminating the incurable diseases that plague humankind.

For a wonderful life filled with peace, health, power and love, think about adopting the spiritual healing system of Master Khoi Vu.

You will be amazed by your results.

The people who have used it found themselves embarked into a transformational journey and they can't help talking about the change generated by their new found mental power.

They use the strength gained from this system in all the areas of their life.

Those who have used it and followed the suggestions of Master Khoi Vu stick to their practice because they recognize its value in their life.

The benefits of this system are so numerous that they can't all be enunciated here.

The rainbow is just a click away.

Make the right move and get your piece of heaven.

You will thank yourself for that.

Be blessed and peace to you.




This program has been discontinued


Past Patients - Special Cases

These are short stories of patients who were cured from various diseases that plagued their lives. They were all saved, physically & mentally, thanks to Master Khoi's "Love Energy". Believe it or not, the energy is REAL!

Michael C.Michael C.

Michael C., a homeless on the street met master Khoi one day and a 'miracle' started happening! Read the full story...

Michael M.Michael M.

Michael got rid of his serious back pain with the help of Master Khoi and his healing methods. By the end of their fourth healing session over the phone, Michael felt much better. Read the full story...

Lam VienLam Vien

Ms. Lam Vien was struggling with severe asthma attacks. She read about Master Khoi in Texas Magazine, and decided to give him a call. Read the full story...

Bernice EatonBernice Eaton

Mrs. Bernice -Arthritis knees, 68 - live in MI. She hardly walks and often uses a cane to support.., she has had problems with her right hand, body weakness, skin disease and  kidney problem..When she called master Khoi Vu that day – with weak voice – stressful.. After talking with Mr Khoi about half an hour on the phone, she could walk without cane, and she could easily spread her fingers. Read the full story...

Susan KellmanSusan & Paul Kellman

Susan had serious back pain for 10 years. She worked part time, and she had been to 26 doctors in the past but didn't help. Her pain went away after only seeing Master Khoi for 3 times. Now she is able to work full-time and she is full of energy & happiness. Paul also had back pains, but he could see the "Light" during his "Meditation Healing" and right away, he felt 80% better. Read the full story...

Bui ThuyBui Thuy

This is a case of Miss Bui T. Thuy in Saigon, Viet Nam. She has been released completely from cancer through healing on telephone with Khoi and "Meditation Healing" at home. Read the full story...

Gillers MinderhoudGillers Minderhoud (Neo-Tech Society Member)

Gillers felt Master Khoi's energy while he spoke with him on the phone. "During that time, when I had my eyes closed, I did feel your energy. I felt tingles throughout my body." Gillers is also happy to see that Master Khoi's website is up. "When I came at the part where there is a picture, showing 10 people meditating with their eyes closed. Immediately I felt a 'calm feeling' run throughout my body." Read the full story...

Ninh NguyenNinh Nguyen

After he got well from a stroke, he can now walk & speak better. Read the full story...

James David

James was suffering for many years from an unexplained plague: a curse he received from people, and it was destroying him.. He is genuinely a good person, with a loving heart and a heightened spiritual level. He asked Master Khoi for assistance and MIRACLES started happening! Read the full story...

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