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Lam Vien

Lam Vien

Ms. Lam Vien was struggling with severe asthma attacks. She read about Master Khoi in Texas Magazine, and decided to give him a call. Please read the letters from the patient below.

Letter from the patient

First Treatment:

I have read about MEDITATION by Mr. Vu Boi Quang Khoi from Texas Magazine. I decided to call him to find out more about it and even talk with him on the phone. It was also the first time that Mr. Quang Khoi agreed to help me out.

Mr. Khoi have showed me different ways to meditate such as listening to meditation tape and also by conversing with him through the phone. At first, I noticed that my body felt differently. I felt that my body got warmer and warmer. It was such a pleasant feeling. It ran from the top to bottom, all over my body. It felt so great! I couldn't believe how good it could be! I believe that meditation is the best remedy I ever found! I have heard of this kind of treatment before but never had a chance to try out. It was so good! It worked for me!


Second Treatment:

This time my body temperature warm and normal, not as hot as before but I felt so calm when I listened to the tape. I felt energetic and lively. Also, the conversation between me and Mr. Khoi helped me such a great deal.

I don't get exhausted easily anymore. I sleep better and am more refreshing in the morning.


Third Treatment:

I've been listening to the meditation tape everyday. Mr. Quang Khoi and I also converse with each other through the phone. The result gets better and better.

I feel so good now.

Thank GOD I found Mr. Quang Khoi.

He helped me such a great deal. I could never forget him.


The Following Days:

What can I say? I am healthy, happy and lively now. My asthma have gotten so much better. Even if sometimes my asthma comes back, I just think about the meditation and the tape conversation with Mr. Khoi, or I simply listen to the meditation tape.

My asthma was all gone.

No more serious attacks. Once again, thank you so much Mr. Quang Khoi and I encourage everone to try out his method. You'll be pleased with the result.

Cao Lamvien

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