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Michael C.

Michael C.

Michael C., a homeless on the street met master Khoi one day and a 'miracle' started happening!

Letter from the patient

Sunday, May 12, 2002 - Garden Grove, CA

My name is Michael C. I am homeless and a long time drug addict who has been heading down a very bad path for a long time and was on the verge of doing some really bad things to get money to do more drugs to kill the pain. I feel the loneliness of my life on the streets. I am currently homeless on the curb in a stove parking lot begging for money and trying to sell my last possession - a radio.

Master Khoi Vu stopped and listened as I also begged him like I had begged so many before him - to please buy my radio. Master Khoi allowed me to install my radio in his car and in the process recognized my spiritual pain and offered healing; and spoke to me about how my pain will disappear. If only I believe in him, his power to heal, and most of all God. As I turned the screws on the radio as I installed it in his car the things he said to me touched me in such a way that I felt a tingling sensation up and down my spine, a warmth pass through and I began crying, in front of this total stranger. I just stopped turning the screws on the radio as I become overwhelmed with emotion of this stranger taking his personal time to attempt to heal this bum who he has never even met.

Funny thing is that he had no idea how much I needed his help at just the right time. I was on the verge of doing some very bad things - to "take" what I felt I needed (money, clothes, etc.) instead of asking any more people for money like a beggar. Master Vu also healed my headache (migraine) for apporx. 15 min. (The only real cure for this type of headache, because it was drug induced, was sleep.) Master Khoi was able to get rid of my headache completely for about 5 minutes. He had me close my eyes and follow his instructions - including how to breathe, what to concentrate on and most importantly he told me I was special, and God loves me. This was a special moment especially because I felt I was at the lowest point of my life, full of despair and loneliness. Master Khoi gave me hope and for that I love this total stranger. Now I have the confidence to change my life entirely.

For the moment, I at least have hope and I am on my way to a motel room. (I haven't had a mattress nor pillow for over 3 weeks) I am going to take a shower and sleep in a real bed with a TV on. (I haven't watched TV in over a month and I don't even know if we are still at war)

I'll wake up to the morning news... and... another shower.


Michael C.

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