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Michael M.

Michael M. - 'SEE' the PAST & the FUTURE

Michael got rid of his serious back pain with the help of Master Khoi and his healing methods. By the end of their fourth healing session over the phone, Michael felt much better.

Letter from the patient

Sunday, April 21, 2002

Thank you for calling me last night, I was half asleep. I could not receive your full power, but what is amazing is that the back pain is 100% gone this morning. All these years of pain I became dependant and started to abuse pain killers. Each time I try to get off of them before I would have severe headaches, convulsion, vomiting. This time today is the second day just a light headache some light depression this in itself is astounding.

My last demons are the panic attacks. I'm sorry to say they are still there, but some severity like 10% has gone and 90% is left, I still need Xasna medicine, but find myself before taking it I think twice before I take it.

Since the panic attack anxiety low self esteem and insecurity, asthma smoking are such deep rooted problem. It may take more time, but I will practice the technique you told me on the phone. I will practice better nutrition, and I am sure my mind will become more open to your power of healing and I will call you Wednesday evening as you asked me to and no matter what negatives come to my mind I will destroy them so my mind is completey open.

I noticed driving home fromw work yesterday a negative thought popped in my head. I took a deep breath pull it away and pictured you in my head and a smile and a positive thoughts came to me. I haven't smiled in 42 years, without a intoxicant in my body.

We may have a little ways to go and I might need to see you in person when you think its time, but thank you again for what you have given me so far. I now have HOPE.


Michael M. (714)775-7743
Westminster, CA 92683


Michael M. - Back pain cured over the telephone

Michael M. looking into the PAST

Michael M. looking into the FUTURE

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