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Ninh Nguyen & Master Khoi

Ninh Nguyen - Los Angeles, CA

It had been nearly 2 years since Ninh had his stroke. He was not able to walk, couldn't speak clearly and he was suffering from deformation of his mouth. He heard about Master Khoi through a friend, and decided to give his "Power of Mind" healing a try. He first heard Master Khoi's voice on the radio. He received a healing package from Master Khoi and practiced meditating at home. During his meditation, he felt a warm sensation run through his body, all the way from his head to his toes.

Ninh Nguyen showing that his mole had gotten smaller.After few days, he felt relaxed and slowly started to walk again. By the time few weeks went by, his speech went back to normal and now he is able to excercise by walking around his neighborhood. Additionally, Ninh noticed that a mole about half-inch in diameter on his cheek had gotten much smaller. Needless to say, Ninh is extremely delighted and praised Master Khoi's healing ability as a "Miracle".


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