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"Why do we need to practice at home and follow these documents everyday?"


This is the power of mind - a method of spiritual healing that Master Khoi perfected through years of practice. Its effects become apparent very quickly, much quicker than other methods. Using this method, many of Master Khoi's patients felt at least 50% better after only 2 to 3 practices. All we ask of you is to put your "Trust" in Master Khoi's energy and follow his instructions very closely.

These are the necessary documents to help you practice "self-healing" at home. Countless patients have recovered from their illnesses by following Master Khoi's healing method. Many of them are featured on this website. There are hundreds of other cases that we cannot post simply because the numbers are too great! By recovering from their chronic diseases, many have rediscovered joy in their lives.

Master Khoi transfers all of his spiritual energy to the documents enlosed in the 'Self Healing' Kit. When patients READ, LISTEN or SEE these documents, they receive his energy. Such phenomenon is possible only through the patient's unwavering faith in Master Khoi's spiritual power. The power is real. You just need to believe in it.


'Self Healing' Kit Contents


Compact Disc

This audio cd will teach you how to sit and 'Self Heal' properly at home. It is similar to meditation in Yoga, but we concentrate on the "Spirit". It will teach you how to breathe and prepare your thoughts so you can receive Master Khoi's energy. The meditation will help us return to our "True" self, and it will allow us to communicate with the universal consciousness, 'The Loving Power'.

"Emergence to universal consciousness by changing our limiting concept of self, we are operating from our inner energies and become more in tune with our inner being."

The power will help rectify the inbalance within our bodies and mind. It'll bring peace to your spirit.



This dvd features few of Master Khoi's most devoted patients. See with your own eyes and unravel the mysterious world of 'Spiritual Healing'. Many disease-stricken individuals have been cured, their physical and spiritual lives transformed. Some patients call the method a "Miracle".



These documents will teach you about who we are as human beings and how Universal law affects us. We need to understand the true meaning of LIFE. Where do we go after death? How do we live our lives full of LOVE and PEACE?


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