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Susan Kellman & Master Khoi

Susan & Paul Kellman

Susan had serious back pain for 10 years. She worked part time, and she had been to 26 doctors in the past but didn't help. Her pain went away after only seeing Master Khoi for 3 times. Now she is able to work full-time and she is full of energy & happiness. Paul also had back pains, but he could see the "Light" during his "Meditation Healing" and right away, he felt 80% better.


Letter from the patient

Master Khoi Vu,

I remember when you came in to my work as a customer; I was trying to get through my 4 hour work day.  Four years after back surgery to remove my tailbone (a cox xygealdectomy). I had broken it completely sideways, almost off, 9 years earlier, and after 26 doctors (most had given up trying to help me) I found an orthopedic surgeon that recommended removal. But four years later I was a bit improved, but still in constant pain, barely able to work four hours a day, just driving to work was very painful.  I had tried everything to get better, but to no avail. I was living on pain medicines, walking, climbing stairs, lifting, bending etc., pain 24 hours a day, all the time.

Then you were my customer at work and asked what was wrong, the pain I was in was obvious.  I told you how I got this way and you said you could help me, and I only needed to BELIEVE that you could.  I had believed that every new treatment that I had tried would be the one to work and end all my pain, this was no different, I believed you could help me too.  You taught me how to meditate 10 minutes a day, which I did, listening to a music tape you gave me.  You asked me to call you after a few weeks.  You came back to my work and asked why I haven't called you, I don't know why I didn't, but the meditation tape seemed to relax me, even though on the tape you spoke in Vietnamese and didn't know  what you were saying, the music was relaxing.

Susan & Paul @ Khoi'sSo, my husband took me to your house, I listened to the same music and meditated like you taught me.  You never touched me, my husband watched and told me you moved your hands around me. I don't know how long I meditated, but at one point I had extreme pain running down my spine, just when I couldn't stand it another minute, it subsided.  You sent me home.

The next day I was in 80% LESS PAIN.  At first I thought maybe I was having a rare "good" day, but the relief continued!! I came back to see you 2 more times over the next few weeks, and continued to improve.

ALL THE PAIN I ALWAYS FELT WAS GONE!!!  It was overwhelming!! I could work an 8 hour day, go grocery shopping afterwards, things people do every day without dwelling on, I could do again. Day after day I was waiting for the proverbial "shoe to drop" the pain to suddenly return and land me flat in bed. IT DIDN'T !  I WAS Better.

I had always gone on vacations, no matter how much pain I felt just to hurt in a different atmosphere, a change, any change. WE left to go to Hawaii, normally taking large quantities of pain medicine, and throwing up at the airports after the long flights, (from sitting so long). This trip I took NO pills. It was unbelievable.  We walked around Hawaii, up hills, driving around and I even went body surfing at sunset! I couldn't do these things for over 10 years!  Of course all my muscles ached and hurt like crazy from years of lack of use, but that was a wonderful pain to feel !! I have been fine ever since, able to work again, shop, walk around swap meets, carry things and sleep without pain. A co-worker of mine wanted to know if you could help her, she went to you ONE TIME, and has been fine ever since! She was supposed to have neck surgery and cancelled it. Remember Toni? she is still doing fine !!

THANK YOU, Master Khoi.  You gave me a life back, even my surgeon, chiropractor and massage therapists were amazed at my sudden recovery. I no longer needed all the massages and treatments. My chiropractor even went so far as to suggest that maybe you had hypnotized me. but since you never say anything to me in English other than "God will help me, help you" I told him no, you are truly a Spiritual Healer. Not only did you help me, but my husband from having to "wait on me" as my caretaker, but my parents, in their 80's as now I am again able to help them clean their yard, house, and take them shopping, etc.

God Bless You.. Master Khoi, You help so many people so willingly, I myself having witnessed two people other than myself, whose lives you have changed.

Susan Kellman
P.O. box 816
Midway City, CA 92655.

"I want Master Khoi Vu to use these Statements so others can believe, and they can call me if they want to. I will tell them.."
714 – 890 – 1424
714 – 892 – 2307
714 - 454 - 4571

(Now Susan moved to Hawaii, she works at the Post Office 
P.O.BOX 89214 . Honolulu, HI 94830)

Susan's Handwritten Letters (PDF)


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