What can the "Power of Mind" Do?


"There are several ways to change the world today, and this is one among them. There are different ways of treatment, and here is one of them."

Master Khoi Vu



Khoi meditating in his radio show

The power of mind could go everywhere in the universe. We are a microcosm in the macrocosm - cosmic. We are the energy, and everything in cosmic is energy!
We are not only the body; we are the soul and spirit.

I have used ‘Power of Mind’ to cure hundreds of people’s diseases and help thousands to find peace of mind, to know WHO THEY ARE, and to know “What is the Real Meaning of Life?” and to live in love and understanding.

Patients with brain cancer in the final stage were cured. Some who were in a wheelchair can now walk, and some deaf could hear. (I have letters, audio and video documents about these patients)

This is a scientific method, no mysticism, because we can prove it. There are different ways of treatment and here is one of them. Similarly, there are several ways to change the world today, and this is one among them.


A New Era for Humankind

Now is the right time to release my ‘Mind Power Healing’ to the world. It will reveal the great method of healing in both physical body & mind, to bring health and happiness to those who believe in it.

Master Khoi and his dogIn the past, this Secret Healing was used by enlightened masters to save someone’s life and live in health and happiness.

The masters used power of mind to transmit the ‘Love energy’ - the Universe energy - God energy to cure the diseases of patients all over the world, if they truly believed in the energy.

This healing method will transform the life of every person who applies it.

This secret method will help people to apply the Mind’s Power to every area of their life, from health to relationships and success.

The power of mind can do almost anything you want!

You are what you think.

That is the Law of Attraction - the Law of the Universe.  We become what we think!

I am giving you a very simple but effective method, all you need to do is follow my instructions.  Each day, you need half an hour to practice, after a few days, you will see a “difference” in the physical body and mind. Do you want that gift?


Master Khoi meditating


The Method


This HEALING METHOD using Spiritual Power does not need to use any medication and does not need many theories as other methods. It is "mind to mind", from the spiritual power of the master to the mind of the patient. The reason is that a human being is not composed of only the physical body, but it is composed of the triple: the body, the soul and the spirit. When treating a patient, Master Khoi uses his power of mind to transfer his spiritual power to the spirit of his patient, and from there to the body of the patient, no matter where the patient is in the world. If the patient has an absolute faith in the master who is giving him the treatment, then he or she will receive that power, because at that time, the “love energy” of the universe and that of the master are the same. This “love energy” can fix all the troubles inside the body and mind of the patient and bring him or her happiness and the tranquility of mind.

It is one of the basic laws of Nature: "Birds of a feather flock together."

Why does the patient need to “believe” to receive full benefit of the treatment? Master Khoi explains as follows: when a patient has faith in this healing method using the spiritual power, he or she opens his or her spirit to allow it to vibrate with the same frequency with the loving energy of the universe. At that moment, all become ONE.

Master Khoi gave another simpler example as follows:

“In this world, there are several different radio stations linked to different frequencies. Some radio stations with their strong power can be listened from all around the world, such as the BBC or the VOA, with the condition that we reach their correct channels or frequencies, no matter where we are living.”

The Healing Method of Master Khoi is similar to the above process. It’s based on the faith of the patient and the spiritual power of the master. It will be effective for any patient who totally believes the master. In other words, this patient has reached the right channel.

Besides, the spiritual power of a master can be compared to the strong power of a radio station. It can be expanded to all people all around the world.

Every one of us, while thinking about something, is providing a more or less strong or weak power depending on each individual’s capability. But a master, who has deep knowledge of the spiritual healing method, knows "how and where” to dispatch his mental power to people around the world.

Modern science today has proven that thoughts have power, vibrations and colors. Thought power can go anywhere in the world and nothing can stop it. In the coming century, people all around the world will know how to use that immense power. (At the present time, most of us are using only 2/10 of the potential of our brains...)

That is the scientific reason why Master Khoi can use this method to heal people's illnesses. There is a very good saying, "Never reject something new to you, just think about it, and maybe someday, your inner spiritual light will make it clear to you".

If you find that this "healing method" is useful, you can recommend it to your friends, and especially to the people who are suffering physically or mentally... Maybe it could help those who have an affinity with it.



"For this spiritual healing method, besides the fact that the patient must "believe" and follow exactly Master Khoi's guidance for self-heal procedure at home, the patient also must "agree" to let Master Khoi use the result of this method to tell other people and let them know about the effectiveness of this method - especially let them trust this method more, since the trust or belief is the main agent for this spiritual healing method. Since there are still so few people who BELIEVE in this method if they don't see some proofs, they would think that this method is a lie, or a hoax. If a patient does not agree to this, he/she must tell Master Khoi to change his/her name on the report. These documents are very important for the study and expand of this method in the future..!"


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