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This is the Healing Program on the Radio channel AM 1190 in Southern California - USA every midnight Saturday - from 12:05 AM to 1 AM early Sunday morning - California time...

People in all over the world could listen to this healing program through the internet, by going to the web site: WWW.KXMX.COM  ( click at LISTEN LIVE, then click LAUNCH PLAYER). during the healing time When they are listening to this program, they are picking up various feeling from the 'Love energy' of the universe that the healing master transmit to them. Many amazing feeling of the patients all over the world in this healing program are on the radio. After several times listening, some of them had recovered from their sickness ..! You should go to web site: www.healingbyspirit.com for more 'miracle' healing stories of the patients all over the world.

Teaching Self Healing Class in CANADA
Many of Master Khoi's students describe an amazing feeling in their body and mind when they listen to Master Khoi speak. They can feel the positive "ENERGY" throughout the session.

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Mr. Quan Nguyen was healed from his hemorrhoid and his deafness by listening to the spiritual healing program on the radio in Southern California, and praticing the method of self healing at home. In this video, Mr. Quan Nguyen came to thank Master Khoi Vu for healing him and talk about his healing story.
If you want to know more about this healing method, please see the website: http://healingbyspirit.com, with more amazing healing stories. You can also contact Mr. Khoi Vu at email khoivu2300@gmail.com

Susan Kellman - Serious back pains cured only after 4 practices


Michael M. - Back pain cured over the telephone

Michael M. looking into the PAST

Michael M. looking into the FUTURE


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