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Sau đây là những email liên lạc về chữa bệnh của ông David gửi cho thầy Khôi từ tiểu bang Texas, báo cáo những diễn tiếng tốt đẹp khi ông thực hành pháp môn chữa bệnh bằng tâm linh ở nhà, cũng như những cảm nhận của ông khi nói chuyện với thầy Khôi qua điện thoại, như ông cảm thấy những luồng Điện hay hơi nóng chạy trong người và sự an lạc tâm hồn sau đó, cũng như những sự may mắn đến với ông khi nhận được những năng lực tốt lành của vũ trụ khi ông thực hành ở nhà....


Email from David on May 20, 2007:

Good evening Khoi Vu, Now that I'll off from work a few days, I'll tell you more about my little problem. First, though I'd like to thank you for the DVD that you sent to me to use. I have to tell you my legs don't hurt as much any more. I've been doing the exercise that you have in the program. I noticed a big difference in the way my legs felt after the first exercise. I don't have any other problem that I know of. David Answer from the Master: Hi David, I'm very pleased to hear that your legs are getting better. When you practice my healing method at home, put your hand on the area you feel the most pain, and think my 'Energy' coming from the top of your head to that area. You need to close your eyes and sit in a quiet place, so you don't get interrupted by things around you. LOVE & PEACE, KHOI VU


Email from David on June, 2007:
Hello Khoi, Thanks for sending me your energy. I listen to your CD meditation 2 or 3x. My good luck seems to be on the rise daily. I love the way I feel during and after playing it. My business is doing well and I am reconnecting with friends from my past that were important for me. My life seems to be getting better and better each day and I am more hopeful that all is well with me and God. My health is good. I have not had any panic attacks. Life is easier and more fun too. Thanks for letting me know you have the pictures and that you will continue to send me energy. Respectfully, David


Email from David on June, 2007:
I have read the material and listened to the CD over 5 times. I want to report a great sense of peace and the colors of blue and purple in my eyes as I mediate with eyes closed. Thanks again. David


Email from David on July 22, 2007:
Dear Vu, I wanted to contact you to tell you I listen to your Spiritual Healing Tape daily. I do feel better, have more hope, and money is also getting better. I am sending this to you to say Thank You.. I will be in touch as miracles appear in my life. David (Houston, Tx.)

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